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Whether you’re planning a wedding reception or an anniversary event, a fund raising event or a company workshop, entertainment is a guaranteed must to make the celebration a success. One of the most popular celebration performers today is the entertainment DJ. One of the most popular go to performers for any event is a local DJ for several reasons. First, and primary, they are normally cheaper than a live band. Second of all, and just as important, a DJ is typically much more flexible than a live entertainer, and can deal with a wider range of tastes. However, not all DJs are rated equally, and there are some essential questions you need to ask when hiring a DJ for your next event. But never fear, the following ideas will make employing a DJ the easiest part of your celebration plans.

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Work with a Professional Myrtle Beach DJ

This may seem apparent, but it bears repeating. There is more to being a DJ than just having “two turntables and a microphone”, and while many amateur DJs may have ads in the local paper or on Craig’s List they do not offer the level of professionalism you have to make your event a success. Check the yellow pages and online directories for expert DJ services, and search for a DJ with a minimum of three years experience. Hubbell Entertainment has over seventeen years of experience and has performed at thousands of events.

Match the Entertainment DJ to the Event

Many DJ services focus on particular types of social events. Some are strictly wedding DJs, while others may concentrate on business events and even children’s parties. Each specialized needs a distinct set of abilities. What works for a wedding event might not always be suitable for a fund raiser. When considering an expert DJ service, look for one that has experience with the kind of event you are preparing. Hubbell Entertainment has performed at over 1,000 weddings. Every year we volunteer or services for Relay For Life events in Horry County. We also do events for the Conway Chamber of Commerce and the Shriner’s. We would be happy to provide you with a list of references.

Take a look at Your DJ’s Website

It is unlikely that the DJ you hire will have a workplace or a shop that you can go to, so it can often be tough to evaluate their level of professionalism. Nevertheless, most professional DJ services will a minimum of have a website that you can check out. A poorly developed site, that uses hardly any specific information, may be a sign that the service you are thinking about isn’t really up to the task. Review their website for valuable tips, a form for each event where you can enter specific information about your upcoming event.

Get Recommendations and Referrals

A good DJ service should have the ability to supply you with consumer reviews and recommendations from their previous clients. These recommendations are the expert performer’s resume, and if the DJ you are considering cannot provide you with satisfactory client recommendations it may be wise to talk to another service.

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Demos and Play-Lists

Interviews and websites can just provide you part of the picture, and the DJ service you are considering should be able to show you samples of their work. An expert DJ will have a selection of demos, taped at previous occasions, which you can pay attention to obtain a feel for their efficiency. These demonstrations will not just let you better evaluate their performance skills, but will offer a great indication of their ability to connect with party visitors. Any great DJ must also be able to provide a detailed listing of music and genres for you to choose from for your occasion. Your goal is to choose the service that provides a complete range of musical choices, and that is able to fill any specific musical requests that you might have.


You really do get what you pay for. Hiring a DJ may be considerably cheaper than reserving a live band, but it still requires a monetary investment. Keep in mind, the quality of devices and efficiency will be reflected in the expense of the DJ. Inexpensive might save you money, however it may also result in a poor performance and a party shame. Whether you are preparing a wedding reception or a political fund raiser, employing a professional entertainment DJ Myrtle Beach may be the response to your entertainment needs. Take your time, follow the couple of easy pointers we’ve described here, and you’ll discover that figuring out the entertainment part of your occasion may be the easy part of the planning process.


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