wedding DJChoosing a wedding DJ is not an easy job. There are DJs who will only charge you a very small amount of money and there are also DJs who will charge you more. You may be confused to this end. You do not really know what to consider in order to choose the best one.


Tips for choosing your wedding DJ


  1. What sort of experience does this wedding DJ Myrtle Beach have doing weddings? Are they practiced enough to deal with any surprise situations that may arise. They must be able to spin appropriate music during certain phases of your wedding. Softer more ambient music should be played while the guests are mingling and dining, and then move into to lively or upbeat atmosphere when the atmosphere calls for it. Also, the DJ needs to be able to take requests and stay out the way of other vendors such as the caterer and photographer.
  1. What kind of party does the DJ usually play? Obviously one would prefer proficiency in weddings. Lots of disc jockeys play different Venus and will maybe do a wedding on occasion. Weddings are different from clubs or raves and should be handled that way by a professional DJ. There are certain criteria, which a wedding DJ needs to adhere, and a novice DJ can end up bringing unnecessary stress to your wedding event.
  1. Can the DJ refer to satisfied customers or repeat customers; can you contact them? The key to a disc jockey is repeat customers, and word of mouth promotion and nobody recommends an event DJ that can’t perform well for the most important day a young couple’s lives. Ask how you can get ahold of past customers and keep relevant questions ready to ask them regarding their experiences with the DJ.
  1. Are the prices in line with other competing DJs? Shop around but don’t settle for the lowest bidder. There are decent DJ services where you get a good bang for your buck and feel as if the DJ added to the event. There are also services that will charge you too much.
  1. What sort of hardware will wedding DJ Myrtle Beach use? Make sure there are all high-grade electronics, no home speakers and lights that belong in a garage. You are hopefully hiring a veteran who knows how to pull off a stunning display of aural magic. Make sure they have made an investment in equipment. Only expect the best. No bride and groom should have to worry about the microphone or speakers going bad in the middle of their event!
  1. Will the DJ play a mixture of music? You hope to locate a DJ that will play music appropriate for all stages of the reception. The music library should contain a myriad of selections and should be all digital. They should also offer to find any of your requested songs that will make your wedding even more memorable, which they might not have in their collection. Also, ask for a sample music menu.

Have you set your wedding date? It is never too early to start the planning process and interview your DJ.

Dennis Hubbell
Hubbell Entertainment
Myrtle Beach, SC  29588

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