Wedding DJ Myrtle BeachWedding ceremonies are widely regarded as the biggest and most important event in a person’s lifetime. It is therefore not surprising that a great deal of effort is put in by the couple to make the event a truly memorable one. One aspect of the event that is considered to be the most important is the wedding reception. A very vital ingredient of the wedding reception is music. That said, the choice of the wedding DJ might prove to be the toughest decision that the couple would have to make. In line with this, we shall provide some tips on choosing the right wedding DJ.


Knowing his experience


Since your wedding is most probably only going to take place once in your entire lifetime, you sure don’t want to hire an inexperienced DJ for your ceremony. The choice of the right DJ goes beyond looking for a professional DJ with a good track record. It means looking out for DJs who have performed in wedding ceremonies as well. This DJ should be one that has performed for a variety of audiences and typically knows how to set a wedding arena on fire with his tunes.


Playing to your taste


You must also remember that the wedding is yours, and as such the wedding DJ you choose must be willing to play your own tunes. A good DJ will allow you to provide suggestion on the song lists and that tracks that are to be played during the event. He must also not play songs that you do not wish to be played, no matter how great he may feel they are. Of course, making your DJ play to your taste does not mean providing him with all the songs; it only means that your favorites are included; and the ones you dislike are removed.


Hear him play


It is important that you get to interview this would be DJ. Get him to play some songs. See how great his skills are and judge for yourself. Your wedding is important; it’s important you see how this DJ mixes and blends tracks together since a DJ that is pretty poor at this would create many awkward moments at your wedding.


Check his reliability


One thing you would hate the most is to be disappointed on the D-day. To avoid this frustrating experience, find out if the DJ is versed in setting up equipment as well as in fixing minor problems that may arise. Also make sure that the DJ has some back up equipment that will be available in the reception venue, just in case the need arises. The DJ should be ready to arrive the venue way ahead of time in order to test the equipment thoroughly and spot possible problems beforehand.


Planning along


You should also know that a good wedding DJ would be willing to participate in the overall planning of the event. The DJ needs to familiarize with other important planners of the event like the photographers, videographers and a host of others, in order to ensure proper coordination during the event. During this planning period, the DJ will know more about the expected guests and this could help in his choice of tunes.


Final words


Lastly, you should always consider your budget before choosing a DJ. It is equally important to pick a DJ your heart beats for. Whatever you do, you must always remember that your DJ will likely have the greatest impact on your guests.


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