wedding DJHiring a DJ can make or break your wedding day. But, you also need to remember that you and your wedding DJ will both be responsible for the outcome of your big day and that is why you have to clearly communicate what you want ahead of time. Never play it by ear. Listed below are seven important things that you need to tell your wedding DJ to make sure that everybody will have fun on your wedding day.


When and How Long Should Important Songs Be Played?


To begin with, you should tell your DJ what songs you want for major moments like the first dance, cake cutting, garter and bouquet toss, to name a few. Timing is essential and not just about the actual day of timeline and when to play what songs.


Proper Pronunciation of Names


You also have to give your DJ a phonetic spelling of all unusual names, both first and last name, in your wedding party. Apart from having the correct spelling, your Myrtle Beach wedding DJ should also know how to pronounce the names especially for the grand entrance introductions.


The Context For Song Requests


In contrast to a mere list of songs that you want to hear, it is also ideal if you provide some context.


“Do Not Play” List


In some cases, your “do not play” list is more important than your actual playlist. Leave some room for your DJ to take some requests, however, you should also list any songs that you do not want him to play. In case someone asks for it, your wedding DJ can simply say that the song is not available.


To MC or Not To MC


Apart from introductions, you also need to tell your DJ if you are down with too much MC chatter and encouragement for visitors. You should also let him know how comfortable you and your partner are about being the center of attention during the party.


Any Volume/Language Sensitivities


Apart from the songs that you do not want to hear, you also have to inform our DJ about any language or volume preferences. If you hate or love loud music, be sure to let him know. You should also tell him if you do not want to hear music that you consider as suggestive.


Bad Blood In The Family


Do you have any strained relationships or bad blood within your family, like separations or divorces that could possibly cause awkwardness? You need to let your wedding DJ know so he can use the utmost sensitivity and care as he interacts with these people and when making announcements during your wedding reception.


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