wedding DJWhen it comes to hiring people for your wedding, you need to be meticulous about every single detail. After all, it’s your wedding and it’s a special day for you and your partner. Aside from hiring the best photographer around, you also need to get in touch with the best wedding DJ in town. But how can you be sure you’re hiring the right person? We are going to find out just how and the essential questions that you need to ask. So here they are:


Will there be a written contract?


This is the first question on the list and probably the most important. If all else fails, the wedding DJ Myrtle Beach will be liable and you’ll have a piece of papers to lay claims later. Do not proceed when the person you wish to hire doesn’t want to sign any written documents.


Can we meet the actual DJ?


If you’re dealing with a company, be sure to ask if you could meet the DJ in person. Some companies have multiple DJs and you should get to know the person should you hire through a company. You’ll also get to know the DJ better beforehand.


Will you agree to my playlist and list of songs not to play?


Some DJs might “do their thing” on some events and make an impromptu list. However, you could get in touch with them and ask them if they agree to only play or not to play certain tracks.


Do you mix songs?


If you wish to make seamless transitions from one song to another, a DJ could mix one song or two. However, you do need to ask them if their equipment would allow them to.


How will you go about breaks during a long event?


Weddings are typically around a few hours but have you ever wondered about DJs getting breaks? Ask them what happens when they do take breaks and how they plan to go about the songs.


Do you have other events on my wedding date?


Some DJs are booked quite often. You might want to ask their schedule first. Avoid having conflicts by booking beforehand and asking them to perform solely for your event within that day.


Have you worked at my wedding venue before?


If you’re hiring a local event DJ, chancres are they have worked on several sites within your area. Ask them if they have worked on your wedding venue before. This will make it easier for you to judge whether they are comfortable working in the area.


How do you advertise?


Getting booked for another project is important and there’s no better way for DJs to do this than in an event. However, ask them if they could be discrete about advertising. This will ensure focus on your wedding and not them landing the next paycheck.


Can I see a video of your past performances?


A video can tell you a lot of things on how a DJ works his way through an event. Asking for past videos will give you enough reference and an idea of how they work.


Want to have a memorable wedding? Make your wedding a moment to remember. Contact Hubbell Entertainment today.


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Hubbell Entertainment
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

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