Wedding DJ Myrtle BeachA couple’s wedding reception is one of the most important parts of their wedding day aside from the ceremony. If you’re currently planning your wedding and wish to hire a DJ, you may want to read some tips below to find out how.


A wedding DJ can make or break the mood of the wedding reception, which is why it’s important to hire a wedding DJ that understands your music preferences and song choices.


A Talented and Skilled Wedding DJ Can:


Instantly turn your wedding reception into a lively party!  A wedding DJ also functions as your wedding event’s host which is why their lively spirit and interest (or lack thereof) will guide the overall feel of the entire reception. If they seem excited, your visitors will act ecstatic as well. Find a DJ who will lead the party and make more it enjoyable.


Should play the tunes you asked for.  If you’re like most couples who wish to play their favorite songs during their wedding reception, then your wedding DJ should play them, no excuses. So make sure you hire a DJ who will eventually spin your wanted tracks during the celebration. Whether it’s you and your hubby, moms, and dads, or relative, a person is investing a good amount of money in hiring them. To avoid unnecessary stress, try not to hire someone who wishes to play their own song choices.


Get in the touch couple’s music choices. You need to have the ability to trust your DJ. This partnership between the engaged couple as well as the DJ will be very important on the wedding day itself.  Ensure that your DJ understands the songs you and also your future hubby appreciates. For some, an obstacle will be finding a DJ that can easily transition between timeless rock, country western, dance tracks, and rap (hey DJ, who’s ready for a challenge?)!


Avoid DJ with These Qualities:


It’s all about the DJ. Obviously, a talented and fantastic DJ will take control of the evening’s amusement, yet it’s a slippery slope: Some couple may not want someone who really feels they should narrate every song. A great suggestion is to check out real new bride reviews for the DJ‘s you’re thinking about– if they have an online reputation for being a little bit tacky or aggravating throughout receptions, you’ll find out about it. Talk to candidates on the phone or personally to see if your personalities jive well together.


Does not dress up for the occasion.  Speak to your DJ in advance concerning dress code for your wedding. He or she will look out of place if they’re putting on jeans when everybody else is in formal wear. On the other side, if you’re having a more laid-back wedding, ensure they understand to leave the tux at home.


Does not do well with music transitions.  When you’re out at a club, it’s rare to listen to a track in its entirety. You may want a DJ who’s ready to keep the event flowing by transitioning from one wonderful track to a slow song. A talented DJ ought to also be able to effortlessly switch over between sluggish as well as quick songs, in addition to new and older hits. If they’re playing more than four minutes of the same song, it could become boring and less interesting.


Choosing a DJ who will make your event more memorable is easy with Dennis Hubbell Entertainment! Call now to start making your wedding reception an unforgettable celebration.


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