Myrtle Beach Wedding DJA Wedding is more than just a special day for couples, it symbolizes that start of their whole lives together. Who does not want to have a memorable wedding? This is why couples plan for as long as six months to a year before their wedding day. From the event place to the caterer and down to the gowns, all must be planned. But sometimes, they tend to neglect another important part of the event, the wedding DJ. So here are a few things Wedding DJs want you to know.


Wedding DJ Advice 


Do Not Spend Less on DJs, It Will Cost You More

We get it, a wedding is not just a simple event but a special occasion that needs planning and a huge budget. But here’s the thing, why do couples treat a wedding DJ as a commodity? You spend hours choosing the food caterers and even spend hundreds of dollars on wedding gowns and event design. But how come you simply choose a wedding DJ just because he is five dollars cheaper than the other? Or simply choose a DJ just because you are related or he’s a friend?

Are you really willing to risk the most memorable night of your life for some cheap music? Wedding DJs invest in equipment and mixing new music that fits your occasion.


Find Some Really Good Referrals

According to a renowned Wedding DJ, Individuals expect that the majority of mobile DJs will certainly show up at least 15 mins earlier, with a number of audio speakers as well as some tacky circa-1970’s light displays, and old music. But what couples fail to realize is that they should review or screen DJ prior to their event. Let’s face it, no one can really know a good DJ from a bad one, until the event. To prevent this, you have to ask for referrals or some sample from your prospective DJ.


Pick DJs Who Take Their Work Seriously

Avoid the part-timers– they’re still discovering the profession. Rather, try to find full-timers that reveal their dedication to the occupation by coming from professional Wedding DJ Service, such as Hubbell Entertainment.

When a DJ has insurance, it means he is taking the job seriously. Meet them face to face, and also glance at their stereo.


 We Believe in Being Part of The Special Event Through Our Songs

When you look back on your wedding day years from now, Wedding DJs want you to know that we also want you to remember us or the songs we play. Excellent DJs see themselves as part of the event and the couple’s lives. They are willing to work carefully with your planner, professional photographer and also the videographer, as well as to custom-fit their equipment to your event place. So work with a great DJ– one that could assist you in personalizing the evening’s home entertainment to your private wedding event.


Wedding songs could make or break your special day, why not call Dennis Hubbell to make sure you hire a professional Wedding DJ for your wedding.


Dennis Hubbell
Hubbell Entertainment
Myrtle Beach, SC  29588

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