DJ Myrtle BeachEvery DJ Myrtle Beach will attest that a father and daughter dance on her wedding is constantly is a genuine, symbolic time of the wedding day–  it’s the last time that your papa will get to dance with you as his “little lady,” and it’s a special couple of minutes that you get to invest exclusively with the guy that raised you and eventually got you prepared for this minute.


That being stated, you might be believing that the pressure is on to choose the ideal father and daughter dance tune. Are you a classical music fan or contemporary? How about country music? Or do you want to experience a memorable dance to music prepared by a wedding DJ?


Whatever your preference will be, you would want to pick a tune that truly shows the relationship that you have with your father, along with one that compliments both your characters. Maybe you and your papa have a unique tune from your youth or possibly there’s a particular category of music that you both love and constantly bonded over. You can’t fail with keeping it timeless and emotional.


Selection of Father and Daughter Dance Wedding Songs


Here are a few of DJ Myrtle Beach song choices from different categories to might help get you influenced in selecting your special father and daughter dance.


Selecting a tune from the oldies category normally is a winner; the majority of the tunes from these periods are crowd pleasers and simple to dance to.

  • ” You Can Close Your Eyes” by James Taylor
  • ” Kid of Mine” by Carol King
  • ” In My Life” by The Beatles
  • ” Daddy and Child” by Paul Simon
  • ” What a Fantastic World” by Louie Armstrong

Country Music
One of the most popular categories of music today is country music which makes it a popular option for this dance given that a lot of nation tunes narrate.

  • ” I Enjoyed Her First” by Heartland
  • ” Do not Blink” by Kenny Chesney
  • ” My Little Lady” by Tim McGraw
  • ” Taking Cinderella” by Chuck Wicks

Pop and Contemporary
Lastly, you can even choose a tune that you hear on the radio or a song that has been popular in the last few years. Simply make sure that your father is familiar with it!

  • ” Children” by John Mayer
  • ” The Method You Look Tonight” by Steve Tyrell
  • ” Sugary Food Kid O’ Mine” by Weapons ‘n’ Roses (for a more suppressed variation, opt for the Sheryl Crow cover).
  • ” You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban.

Once again, do not tension stress over choosing the ideal father and daughter song now. This decision needs to be one that just you and your daddy eventually will keep in mind. Make sure to include him while doing so, and ideally, you can make it enjoyable by sharing concepts for tunes backward and forward!


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