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Are you finding it hard to decide whether you wish to have a wedding DJ or live music at your wedding? To help you with that, provided below are things you need to consider when trying to figure out which is the right music maker for your special day.


We all know that music can be a deal maker or breaker for any party or event. When talking about a wedding, music is at the core of the reception. Your choices will all boil down between hiring a band or wedding DJ. So how do you know which one you really want? Everything begins by asking some fundamental questions like what kind of entertainment you want to have, how much your budget is, guest demographics, space allowances, and more.


Things To Consider: Live Music Vs. Wedding DJ


Vibe – the kind of music that you select can set your wedding’s tone and help in solidifying a theme. Plus, it is one of the things that most of your visitors will remember. Consider the musical genre that best showcases your personality. Do you want to create an ambiance that is romantic or groovy? Always remember that how the music is delivered, whether it is by a band or a wedding DJ Myrtle Beach, will have a huge influence in the atmosphere.


Variety – Whatever you end up choosing, make perfectly sure that they can play both slow and fast songs really well. They should also be familiar with playing old and new songs to make sure that all your visitors, regardless of their age, will go hit the dance floor.


Budget – In terms of the budget, Myrtle DJs are most affordable and prices usually depend on the equipment requests and if the event is on a weekday or a weekend. For instance, a 12-piece band will be more expensive if you compare it to hiring a wedding event DJ. But there are exceptions too. For instance, a celebrity DJ will cost far more than a band. Band costs differ based on the number of musicians and how long you want them to play.


Space – Do you wish to hire an 8-piece band? The first thing that you have to check is whether the place for the reception has restrictions when it comes to the number of musicians as well as the kind of equipment that you can bring. You should also know if there are any noise limitations or electrical power restrictions. For instance, a certain site may not allow the use of large speakers. Therefore, it is important for you to ask questions in advance before making a choice and before booking a venue.


Before You Decide


You need to realize that all professionals must be open to the things that you like and do not like. Provide them with your list of personal request, including the songs that you want them to play and those that they should not play.


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