Wedding Event Myrtle BeachI remember my granny talking about her wedding a very long time ago and the one thing she never discussed the whole time she talked was the wedding event music that was played. When I asked her about the wedding music she got a confused look on her face then stated that she had no concept what wedding music was played at her wedding due to the fact that the church selected it and to her it was simply background music.


Oh, how times have changed as now the wedding music is simply as much a part of the individual declaration the groom and bride are making as the invitations or the celebration favors. When individuals have a huge church wedding they are still selecting their wedding music from the classics on the list, however, a growing number of couples are having their wedding events in other types of halls. For that reason, picking wedding music that is individual and essential to them is beginning to impact the manner in which churches hold wedding events. Also, more churches are enabling individualized music choices to appease the brand-new generation of wedding event planners.


Everybody understands that the music at the reception is going to be the ultimate expression of personal taste from the bride and groom. At a friend’s wedding party he and his spouse selected a song by 2 Live Crew for the cake cutting music and I will leave it to you to figure out which song. The point is that more couples want total control of all aspects of their wedding event which is the method it must be.


Long gone are the days when the church will simply tell you that the bride will come to the altar to the ever familiar “Here Comes The Bride” and long gone are the days when the church will choose the mournful music to be played at your wedding event. Now couples are putting that option into their hands and more people are enjoying their weddings planned just the method they like it.


It Is Still the Bride’s Day


Even though the wedding music is a personal expression of the couple it is usually the bride that selects her own music that she will march down the aisle to. This is normally an individual option and in many cases, I have actually seen the bride pick wedding music that pays homage to her father who is the one that strolls her down the aisle. It does a heart good to understand that kids wish to take a part of their big day and devote it to their moms and dads. It gives hope for the future.


Sometimes the bridal march is collaboration in between the couple however when that occurs it is normally a song they both feel good about. Naturally, they will reserve “their song” for the first dance at the reception but there is no doubt that wedding music is rapidly becoming an expression of the groom and bride as well.

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