When prepariWedding DJ Myrtle Beachng for your wedding event, the most convenient way to reconcile all the parts of your event is to actually have a themed wedding. A lot of people consider wedding celebration themes as wearing an outfit or doing something totally bizarre. However, themes could be stylish and classy while also producing a wedding that will be memorable to you and your guests.

One wedding DJ had a first-hand experience planning themed weddings. What was just a consultation for a music collaboration turned out to be a wedding event planning.

Planning Your Themed Weddings

When the event turned out to be fantastic and memorable, he freely gave away these tips if you are planning on getting married soon.

Tip #1: Choose a Theme

You may not know it but themed wedding celebrations are more preferred today. You frequently see wedding celebrations developed around a time or holiday. The style of a wedding event could also be a basic layout aspect. For instance, you could have a rustic wedding event, a nautically inspired wedding celebration, or a crystal wedding event.

That being said, wedding events could be focused around tree branches, monogrammed, or acorns. There are a wide variety of choices when making choosing the style for your wedding celebration. Among our Wedding DJ’s favorite, however, is a fairytale-themed wedding celebration.

Tip #2: Colors are based on the theme

It is a lot easier it is to prepare a themed wedding celebration compared with a non-themed wedding celebration. If you are wondering what color combination to use, simply pick your favorite event, animals or dream story. If you’re having a fairytale themed wedding celebration, simply locate a photo of a fairy tale story and select your preferred colors. The rest will follow– invites, event design, tokens, and colors.

Tip #3: Invites and other items follow color theme

Choose your favored fairy tale embellished wedding event invites and other items. When meeting with your flower supplier, you could tell them to include fairy tale plumes in your arrangements, posies, as well as focal points. You might have your baker include a fairy tale style or fairy tale characters on your cake.

When you have a themed wedding celebration, the choices you make for your big day is made fast and easy. This is because choices will be limited right into your theme.

Tip #4: Find A Theme that fits your character

When selecting a motif for your wedding celebration, you need to go with something that fits your character as a couple. If you are lavish as well as stylish, a country style wedding is possibly not the very best for you. On the other hand, if you love the outdoors, a pricey crystal themed wedding event is not an ideal fit. Consider different layout aspects that you both like or points you both take pleasure in.

Tip #5: Find a Wedding DJ that can play music according to your theme

Music is a big part of any celebration. This is why you must pick the best wedding DJ you can find to play music based on your theme. A good wedding DJ, like those from Hubbell Entertainment, will suggest songs that will fit your theme.


If you are planning to celebrate your big day soon, call Dennis Hubbell from Hubbell Entertainment to help you with your event DJ.


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