Wedding Myrtle BeachSo he popped the question and the planning begins…


Almost every month of the year, couples get busy preparing for the biggest day of their lives- their wedding. They book locations, hire wedding organizers and caterers, but how do they find the right wedding DJ for their special day?


When should I book my DJ?


You want to allow enough time to interview several wedding DJs before reserving one for your wedding. This could take a couple of weeks so be sure to start well in advance of the actual wedding day. Never be pressured into reserving a wedding DJ because they say you are the last opening for that day or because they are offering a special discount at a wedding show. Look for a DJ like Hubbell Entertainment that has experience (over 1,000 weddings and counting) and takes the time to truly understand the concept of your dream day. Book the selected DJ when you have completed your interviews and are sure of your decision.


Most DJ’s will have openings six to eight months out for prime dates such as Saturday nights in the summer months of May and June and again in the fall of September through October. You need to book your music sooner rather than later if you have decided on a wedding during these prime times.


In some instances where a large service is planned, you may need to book as far in advance as a year. This is true of big wedding dates such any Saturday in June or as the first Saturday in October. For some local popular wedding DJ’s you may need to book as far as 18 months in advance.


What should you expect as the deposit and payment schedule?


This actually differs from being as little as a 10% deposit to as much as 50% of the contract overall. As a rule of thumb, the larger Myrtle Beach wedding DJ companies will have lower deposit requirements while the independent DJs may require a bigger deposit as they are reserving a day just for you and will turn down other requests for the same time period.


Discuss with your DJ whether the deposit amount is refundable or not and under what circumstances would it be considered refundable? If you are planning a wedding in Myrtle Beach during hurricane season, you are taking a certain amount of risk you’re your wedding venue may be washed away. Other scenarios where a refund may apply are for military release or extremely unfortunate scenarios such as death. As far as the balance payment, again this varies. Some services desire last payment a month, two weeks or week in advance of the date and others will accept it the night of the occasion. Hubbell Entertainment is very flexible. Be sure and discuss your budget with us and we will work to make your day a success.


Should I consider paying the balance far beforehand or making DJ payments?


This is alright as long as you fully comprehend the business policy on reimbursing payments above and beyond the deposit quantity. Exactly what takes place in the case of the unexpected? Let’s say you paid an extra $250 in advance but one month before your wedding event such as a hurricane puts your reception facility out of capacity. Now you potentially have to alter the date, however, your DJ is not available for your new date, do you get your $250 back? Will the DJ transfer your deposit to the new day if they are available? There are all kinds of unforeseen circumstances that cannot be anticipated. Be sure to discuss what happens in the event of an unexpected event.


Congratulations if he pops the big question this season. Enjoy the moment and then give Hubbell Entertainment to start the wedding planning process. It is never too early to book your big day.


Call Hubbell Entertainment for available dates and we can also provide you with several tips to make your day a success.


Dennis Hubbell
Hubbell Entertainment
Myrtle Beach, SC  29588

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