Wedding Song Myrtle BeachMusic played at weddings can come in many different styles, fashion, and venues. Because of this, even though you may have a strong preference, make sure you keep other things in mind.


When you choose wedding songs for your wedding event, you need to take into consideration your spouse’s likes and dislikes as well. Planning and rehearsing the wedding songs is critical to the success and smooth flow of the ceremony on the D-day.


What Type of Wedding Songs Should You Choose?


As mentioned earlier, the wedding songs should be a job that you do with your spouse, not with yourself or even friends or parents. Find out what songs he/she loves and have it on the list of a few dedicated songs that would delight you and your partner.


Besides the specially dedicated songs, as a Wedding DJ, you would also need to plan the flow of the songs along with the orchestra. For example when exactly the orchestra or the band should play the song, where the groom dances for the first time with his bride immediately after their marriage, and so on.


The order of the wedding songs, their tempo, whether or not they should be sung with the lyrics or without are just a few of the aspects that need to be ironed out before the wedding ceremony commences.  In order to do so, you would need to rehearse with the band, DJ or other choices at least two to three times, just as you would be dancing at the wedding.


Add a Little Spice to Your Wedding


If you would be inclined to add a little spice to the wedding ceremony, have an impromptu singing competition where your guests would have to sing any song that could be dedicated to you separately or as a couple. You could also offer token prizes for the person who dances the most, the best and the most outrageous. It is very much in your hands to make your wedding as much fun-filled as you would have it and wedding songs are a great medium for doing this.


In order to bend it a little, surprise your guests with a different genre of songs well selected to match the wedding environment. You could also call on stage in the middle of the celebrations a famous vocalist, or offer to sing yourself a song you have dedicated to your spouse, or ask your parents to sing their favorite song – if there is any.


Your “happily ever after” starts with good wedding music. Call now and start making your dreams come true with Dennis Hubbell Entertainment.


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