DJ Myrtle BeachIf there’s one thing that you shouldn’t mess up on your wedding day, that has got to be the music. Of course, there are a million things that could go wrong, but there’s also a million other things that you could do right, music included. That’s why you should always hire only the best DJ Myrtle Beach in town.


Music at your wedding is critical. Not only does it give the background a little bit of that wedding feel to it, but it also boosts the overall experience. You only get married once (or maybe not) so you should make the best out of it and get a professional DJ or band for your wedding. Here’s a couple of things that you’d want to avoid:


Not entertaining the idea of having a DJ or band


It’s never a bad thing to have all the options you can get – most certainly for your wedding. Music is very important as stated above. Killing the idea even before it could bear fruit is a huge “No.” Music is a must for any wedding. It all boils down to two things – A band or a DJ. Either way, you’ll be fine. If you’ve got the budget for it, then go for a band. It’s more elaborate, more entertaining, and adds more class to your wedding. If your budget is on the shorter side, then you could go with a good DJ but minus the bells and whistles. Just don’t go too rough on your budget or you’ll end up with someone awful instead. Do your research. A couple of minutes or hours will most likely give you good results.


A delayed act


Your band or DJ should never arrive at the same time the ceremony starts. Always make sure that the people you hire arrive an hour or two early on the venue and be ready to play 20 minutes before the ceremony starts. The music will serve as audio cues for the guests. It also helps move things along smoothly.

Failing to do a sound check


Your venue may have some sound constraints for different types of music. Limitations may vary depending on the venue. Some types of music may not work for indoor or outdoor environments. Always plan ahead and have your band or DJ visit the site before the wedding date. This would ensure that equipment will all work and audio will be at its best. Never assume that everything is working out as planned without any tests. Always do precautionary testing beforehand.


Waiting for the actual wedding date to meet your DJ or band


Studio recordings and live performances don’t always sound alike. If your band sends you a recording of a song they played, it won’t be enough to ensure that they can live by it. Be sure to meet them before you hire them. Have them play sample songs to make sure they can deliver.


Not talking about everything in detail


Never expect the band or DJ to play your favorite music if you haven’t even talked to them about it. One common mistake that people make is not going through all the tracks that will be played at the wedding. Always take time to discuss and plan the songs with the band or wedding DJ to make sure that they won’t be playing a random tune.


Choosing just one or two genres


We all grew up with different types of music and your favorites might differ from that of the guests. To mend this, pick a number of songs from different genres from different eras. This will let you and your guests get in tune with the music easily without leaving some in the crowd.


Are you excited about your wedding date and want it to be perfect? Give Dennis Hubbell of Hubbell Entertainment a ring to get the best music on your special day.


Dennis Hubbell
Hubbell Entertainment
Myrtle Beach, SC  29588


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