wedding dj Myrtle BeachNothing compares to the fun brought by having a live band at your wedding. But there’s no bigger buzz kill than seeing your dance floor empty. The problem here is not how to get the party started but how to make sure that it keeps on going. Here a few things you need to know.


Listen To Your Wedding DJ


While allowing your guests to requests for songs and giving him some guidelines are good things, never shut down his ideas without careful consideration. Keep in mind that your wedding DJ does this for a living and he’s the best person to tell you how to keep your guests dancing. He knows to read the crowd and the best music to play so they will continue enjoying your party.


Plan Your Floor Plan Carefully


A lot of couples are overly concerned that their dance floor is too small and they tend to forget that making sure the floor is not too big is equally important. Having An oversized dance floor will make it look empty even if most of your guests are already dancing. This is especially true for small and intimate weddings.


Begin With A High Note


Your wedding DJ and wedding photographer has seen their share of dance parties. According to these experts, getting the people to go to the floor to dance is only part of the battle. One good way to encourage them to dance is to ask your wedding DJ to invite them to join you before you first dance ends. Once they do, your Myrtle Beach wedding DJ can immediately transition into an upbeat song that will keep you and your guests grooving. Furthermore, your MC should also be a bit more interactive if you want to have greater chances of engaging your guests.


Choose Great Songs and Mix Them Up


When choosing songs for your wedding reception, don’t limit yourself to the most popular songs within the year. Pick music from different generations. You will make sure that your guests will always be on the dance floor if you stick to the big hits.


Don’t Forget The Bar


Cocktails is one of the best ways to encourage guests to let loose. With that in mind, your cocktail bar needs to be in the same room as the dance floor. If it is located in another floor then there’s no questions that you’ll end up losing your guests and finding them in the place where booze is.


The Timing Should Be Right


Always remember that timing is important. You should not clear the dance floor, for example, in the middle of your wedding party because you will do your cake cutting or give a toast. You might find it hard to fill up your dance floor once again if you do this. Also, you and your partner should be busting a move, too. You have to be out there. No guest can resist the urge to join a smiling bride and groom on the dance floor.


If you need the services of a top wedding DJ, call Dennis Hubbell of Hubbell Entertainment now.


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