wedding DJ Myrtle BeachHot summer weddings do not always have to be inconvenience, sweating, and overheated guests. Provided below are a few important tips that can help you and your guests keep cool at your outdoor summer wedding and while they dance and party to the beat made by your wedding DJ.


Serve Drinks That Can Quench Thirst


Instead of serving champagne to your guests as they arrive, why don’t you offer drinks that can quench you and your guests’ thirst? A few good options are fruit drinks like made of mango or watermelon. They are known to lower body temperature, which you need the most especially if your wedding falls on an 80-plus-degree day.


The Chair Matters


Weddings usually mean wooden or metal chairs but this won’t do you any good if you are getting married on a very hot day. But there’s something you can do about this and that’s by getting fabric cushions. Keeping your guests’ butts and legs cool when they take a seat to witness your wedding goes a long way in keeping them comfortable all throughout the event.


Don’t Use Liquid Makeup


Avoid having to go to the restroom every now and then just to fix the foundation and lipstick that may probably be dripping from your face because of the heat of the sun. Experts recommend that you use powder based makeup instead of liquid makeup. It is also a good idea to hire a professional who is great at using airbrush makeup on your face, since this option is known as tear, water, and sweat proof.


Give Them A Pair Of Sunglasses


It is also a good idea to offer a pair of sunglasses to your guests including your Myrtle Beach wedding DJ, so they don’t have to squint throughout the entire ceremony because of the blaring sun. Personalize the sunglasses like adding your wedding logo or perhaps your initials. Another great alternative to sunnies, in case your guests don’t want to wear one, is a chick parasol.


Hand Out Sweat Survival Kits


Create a sweat survival kit for your bridal party. The kit may include body wipes, sunscreen, face blotters, and a deodorant. The groom can also put together a kit for his guys. Since all of you cannot bring these kits with you during the ceremony, they can be left at the bridal suites or bathrooms at the reception.


Use A Hair Tie


Putting your hair back is also a good idea if you are having an outdoor summer wedding. You need to have a hair tie nearby during the ceremony and the cocktail hour so there’s something you can use if need a temporary updo.


DIY Water Misters Can Help


Consider an alternative to renting giant misters. One good option is a DIY mini water mister, which won’t make your wedding venue appear like it is a water park. Creating them is very easy. All you need to do is gather mini mister bottles, tailor them by printing labels on each one so your guests will know how and when they can use it.


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