Event DJ Myrtle BeachCorporate events are never “fun” because of their predictable and boring format. Whether it’s a company anniversary or a big “networking” celebration to commemorate a business’s huge achievement, corporate events aren’t generally known for their enjoyable aspect. However that does not need to be the norm, in fact, more planners are taking steps to think outside of the conventional corporate event flow.

So how do they do it? Below are four creative ideas from professional events planners to ensure you get your colleagues’ thumbs up after the party.

Guide To An Exciting Corporate Event

  1. Shorter Program Presentations and Speeches

Most corporate programs have a predictable flow. Sometimes attendees lose interest in the first half of the program.

Tip: To avoid this scenario, professional events planners suggest on making shorter presentations to continually engage audiences. This way attendees get to stay focused and excited about what’s coming next.

Perk: Creating shorter presentations also lets the speaker re-think about his speech or presentation. It lets the speaker focus only on the most important part of the speech or topic


  1. Be Creative With Your Food Presentation

There’s no rule book that states food at company occasions should be restricted to a common dish or standard appetizers. Every person likes fantastic food, so this is an excellent means to infuse something enjoyable!

Tip: Establish a Do-It-Yourself food bar. Whether you’re dealing with a food caterer or establishing it up on your own, these bars are a terrific means to develop a delicious, unique, and also interactive experience for your visitors. Generate a reliable food vehicle or cart

Perk: All the picky individuals or those with nutritional limitations could quickly suit themselves.


  1. Make It More Interactive

Socializing and dancing are wonderful, so to let your visitors included and be able to enjoy the event, is to present some interactive event activities. Obtain motivated by several of these guest-favorites:

Tip: Rent a photo-booth with props to let your visitors laugh together as well as make fun memories. This not just offers your participants a token they can take with them, it additionally motivates them to enjoy and connect with other people in the event.

You can also let imaginative juices flowing with a big, empty canvas. Your visitors will not be required to sign their name just words of congratulations or creative doodles.


  1. Find the ideal Entertainment

Harps and pianos have a specific time as well as an area, yet your company occasion will certainly attract attention a lot more if you raise the bar on entertainment. What to do? Work with a full-service entertainment company with a professional event DJ and host to set the mood and keep the party going. After that think about this enjoyable concept:

Tip: Arrange a surprise dance or song number in the center of your occasion, when guests are more than likely to start getting bored.

Whether your visitor list consists of 20 or 200, bear in mind there are several means to make sure your company party and event DJ attracts attention.


With in mind, there are event specialists ready to help you. For the entertainment part, you can call Dennis Hubbell for your wedding, birthdays and corporate events.


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